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stitchdown course

but you can call them blue suede, as you probably don’t know any songs about nubuck shoes, right? Anyway – a simple, casual derby for everyday, just to add a hint of color to your khakis, maybe jeans.

blue nubuck 2


blue nubuck derby

We just received some superb quality german reinforcement tapes – way better quality than before and… now reinforcement for eyelets came back. This time not from the nasty fiberglass, but 1″ wide polyester.
The whole kit on sale for a week: self adhesive topline, backline, reinforcement and eyelet reinforcement tapes (all 100 yards). + one 200 yards complimentary topline (this is athe old fashioned, 1,3 mm wide).


Budapester, duotone, double goyser. …and yes I make these for orders too.

Oxblood balck Budapester

I have a great news – finally we have inseaming awls and channel knives back to stock!



Beside that I have an other great news – all customer, who purchase over 100 USD, will receive a complimentary Shoemaking DVD.

This one:



Here we go again, continuing the derby shoes. To make sure that the adjustment is perfect, we need to use the paper pattern again, and mark the overlaps with a silver pen.

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First things first – let’s check if we have everything. Pattern pieces – even we clicked the leather, we still need them for marking the overlaps, folding, etc.

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