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Here are a few of my design – and I guess I owe a little explanation where they came from and why do I post it now.

A little while ago I did every single chance for competitions for certain reasons. I won some and a lot more did not succeeded. Kind of the nature of the competitions. This time I decided to show the World that beside I am a teacher, pattern-maker and a maker as well, I can also make decent footwear renders (and designs) as well. Graphic design and typography was always one of my favorite.

Why do I post them now? Well, it was 3 years ago. I am not saying that there were no “screen shoe” ideas out there, but I did not see any of them. So, here is my little contribution to the street athletic footwear industry. (By the way _ thinking about the suspension idea, I don’t that it would work – if does and someone copy it – I want a part of it! 😉 )


So, we just re-designed our course website and added the new courses. Good news: there will be courses continuously from June. Every month. Click on the link and sign up now!


Let’s just state this right away: I am not trying to be dramatic here. I am not implying anything at all. The sole purpose of this post to start a conversation within professional circles. Where are we? What did we do so far to avoid losing our traditions? What can our generation, we, you and I do more, better?

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Although very inactive lately. Well, that is about to change. Stay tuned, awesome posts are on their way about shoemaking, shoes and everything related. Happy New Year followers!

I would like to make an offer. A public one. If you have a place to feature shoemaking related videos – and you represent an educational institute or a museum – I would like to give you a video. For free. If the institute your represent is well known/have a good reputation I am going to make you a custom one, so you can share it with your visitors.

Why? because I am a realist. By now I had to realize that footwear traditions are not catchy enough to be featured in mainstream media – so let’s start from there and do something about it. All, slightly footwear related exhibitions have some kind of video program on the screens (some of them use mine), but why not an own, customized one? Good quality – up to 4K if necessary.

This what I can do for my craft. This is what WE can do for this craft. Let me know:

Very recently I was featured on INSIDER, which is an amazing honor. Here is the video.