An unusual weekend in the workshop

I had to work in the weekend in the workshop. There are two reasons for that:

1. there was a short term student coming to learn the basics, so we needed every minute

2. I had to finish some orders until christmas (I can’t).

At the end of the day – when my student was kind of professional in sharping the knive (and had all the fingers), half professional in cutting and very beginner in lasting a strange guy came into the worshop, asking if I have any work for him… he was a orthopedic shoemaker. I get happy – I hav e a lot of work, and now I have someone intending to work for me! wow! Unfortunately he didn’t have any experience in hand stitched shoes, so he would be just an other student.. so I will continue all alone.

Tomorrow  will be ready with an other pair (urgent work). I promise I will post it.

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