Déjà vu


déjà vu means the feeling that you were in that the situation previously. Here is the story:

when I finished the shoemaker school I wanted to practice sheomaking in real life, so I was searching a workplace as a shoemaker. Frankly: in that certain period shoemaking industry started to shrink in Hungary, and I could have find an other job much easier and for bigger salary. Finally I went to work to a ballet shoemaker workshop. I must admit: that is something, what I never did before, even I had 3 years intensive shoemaking practice behind my back! Balett shoes are made by really ancient technologies – symmetrical last (no left, no right), and turnout technology. That is something. You put all the stiffners (a ot – believe me), last the shoes, sew it all around, then out out the last and turn out. If you wasn’t that quick – no chance you can do it. (there are other technologies, but we used this at that time)

18 years passed.. and I met with an old collague from that place. We drunk a coffe and decided to go there to see if anything happend from that place. The house looked like left yor years.. no. Frankly: it was looking like a house after a bomb attack after years. And what I seen? The workshop is still there, closed, but as I can look throught the very dirty window – everything on its place: furnitures, machines, even pictures on the walls. I couldn’t believe. History stopped in that workshop for 15 years!

to be continued.. (sorry I need to work a bit 🙂 )

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