Year of…

the ox. At least this is the official English translation, but originally the Chinese version only says: cattle or buffalo. So bull is also fine.. but anyway: nothing special with cox leather, but bull is something special. Here is a close up photo about it. You will see very soon what can we make  from it in… Read More

Around the workshop

Do you think you have a thick soled shoe? Then look at this. This customer wanted to have the thickes mterials built in. Instead of 4-5 mm thick insole I used 8 mm thick, I just hardly skived the welt and used 4,5 mm thick midsole.. and very thick Vibram sole. Transparent finished sole edge,… Read More

Every shoe has a story..

  ..even this chocolate beauty (sorry for the photo quality – could be better). Approximately a year ago I was searching for new leather in a leather wholesaler’s shop, and found something nice. The leather wasn’t that good at the first look, but I realized, that it is a pull-up, light brown, perfectly antique-able skin, so gives space to creativity. The… Read More