Every shoe has a story..



..even this chocolate beauty (sorry for the photo quality – could be better). Approximately a year ago I was searching for new leather in a leather wholesaler’s shop, and found something nice. The leather wasn’t that good at the first look, but I realized, that it is a pull-up, light brown, perfectly antique-able skin, so gives space to creativity. The next step was to bring it to a leather laboratory (yes, there are things like that), and ask them to help achieve what I want – antique and shiny look. They did a great job.

Since then I made many of this model – even if I didn’t want – I always want to make something new… but customers want this.

The process is the same until the finishing, then magic comes. 2-3 hours all alone in the workshop making alchemy. But the result worth it (professional photo made by artfoto studio):


This shoes became a kind of emblem, a real trademark of Koronya without intention.

Happy new year!

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