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I registered a few months ago to ebay, but I didn’t buy or sell so many thing yet. I wanted to sell my old, redundant tools.. but I don’t have reduntant ones. I couldn’t force myself to sell any of them. They will stay. (just like Gollam in Lord of the Rings.. 🙂 – my preciouses…)

Now I found some great tool on german ebay – I put my licit on (quite much I must say).. and I won. My girlfriend almost get a heart attack when she realised that I paid for a collection more than 100 euros, just because I neede one tool from it. (The rest will go to the “precious” section). Girls.. 🙂 How come they don’t understand how important a rasp could be?


DVD Shoemaking Lessons

I put some videos on youtube 18 months ago, and get more than 200.000 visits in them, but there are still some people who wants more… – hopefully. Some shoemaker student asked for instructional videos for simple technologies (what I never use for bespoke shoes actually), so I decided to make one, maybe more later. and I just finished the recording and started the cutting. Here are some pictures.

I almost forgot: The voice over it won’t be mine – I will ask someone better. Good for all of us. 






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