A new customer/a new idea

I created a shoe – approx. a year ago. Nothing pecial, just my favourite last, a nice leather and some cool staff to make high gloss and antique look. I realised, that nmy customers like it. I have an old customer, who just got his pair and he called me today, telling me that the people notice his shoes immediately, when he enters somewhere – even he sent me a new customer!


A few days ago I had a visitor (and a customer actually) from abroad. He specified everything about his new pair: french black boxcalf, semi brough, etc… and he have recognised this shoe on the shelf. So he extended his order with this one.

hmm. Should I make one for myself? 🙂


ohh I almost forgot.. the idea. I never give names to my shoes. For what? anyway i never made more than one pair from them, but it seems this one is a special one – deserves a name. ICON. This will be its name.

3 thoughts on “A new customer/a new idea

  1. For the amount of time spent working on each pair of shoes, I think they all deserve names!

    These are exceptionally handsome and Icon is a great model name for them.

    Yes, make a pair for yourself! Perhaps you’ll have some time in April for this 🙂

  2. Hello am from Indonesia and i’ve just found your blog today…

    really excited to read about your experience, and would like to try to practice making shoes just like you, since am totally zero in shoe making can you share tips for those who about to try to make shoe on their own?

    actually what kind of tools should one have?

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, I have an idea for you: learn from a master! If you start to make shoes on your own, you have a reduntantly very long way with hundred pairs of junk shoes. Don’t waste your time and money: search someone who can teach you!

      Kind Regards,

      Marcell Mrsan

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