Stingray is really divides people, especially if you make a shoes from it. Once I posted a stingray shoe to Styleforum, but I wouldn’t say that I achieved a great succes. Most of the visitors didn’t like it. 




As I remember the worst attribute was “pimpish”.. if they would know who has this shoe.. 🙂 Never mind. 

picture-13     picture-10

I must stay: working with this kind of stingray (on the pictures), is a nightmare.  It breaks the needles, take off the edge of your carefully sharpened knives, and hard. Ten times more durable than a good quality boxcalf leather. The only way to work with it to take a Dremel tool and grind away the small pebbles, as much as you can, and still have some good thickness. You will feel the same smell what you cen at the dentist’s room.. and on the other hand it is not that popular.

3 thoughts on “Stingray

  1. I must admit that I’m a fan of “pimp” shoes, and these are some sophisticated “pimp” shoes! They’d look great with a tux. There’s a time and place for a fun pair of shoes like these.

  2. I think those are very beautiful. To say they are pimpish is sorta unfair when one considers they are just a natural material. I also know how hard a material it can be to work. That said, they are too much for my humble style, but there is someone out there who could carry them off.

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