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I had a very active day since my last post.

– I found an old tool maker, and I could consider him to make me and my friends some more tools, the exact copies of my old tools. I can hardly wait to see the result. This would be a really big thing in my professional life . I don’t mean that I don’t have perfect tool. I do. All of them are made before the WWII, some of the even the WWI by the way. No problem with old tools. I love them, actually I am addicted to collect them. They work perfectly, better what they produce nowdays. I decided to help my US collagues, so I bought some more sets. … and … and… I couldn’t sell them. I couldn’t miss them. Most be some mental problem.. 🙂 

– I will prepare the next visit to the shoe and leather laboratory. I always like this visits, they have cool materials, colours, so I can feel like a child in the kindergarden. I hope I can make some photos there, what I can post.

– I continued the golf shoe. I don’t have much time, since I have some urgent order, but this can be important. Golf season is coming.. 🙂

– I started to make a new ICON. I improved a few details, so this will be even better that before.. I hope.

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