Around the workshop

Do you think you have a thick soled shoe? Then look at this. This customer wanted to have the thickes mterials built in. Instead of 4-5 mm thick insole I used 8 mm thick, I just hardly skived the welt and used 4,5 mm thick midsole.. and very thick Vibram sole. Transparent finished sole edge, double spinned stich goyser.


These are the fact about this shoe. And before anyone start to judge the style: many people has a dream about shoes, what they don’t find in the shops – this is my business, and I am glad to fulfill those dreams and see happy people in their shoes which looks exactly what they wanted to have. 

And some more shoes…



This is a new RTW model – bevelled waist, 5 eyelets, black wholecut. Nothing special yet, but I hope it will look good, when it gets ready.

And.. I have a new order for ICON. It look like this now. And now I decided to limit ICON 12 pairs/year, no more. This is the second one and we are still in January, but I think it has to be special. In this stage ICON looks like a normal wholecut – the main identity, the finishing is missing yet. After it is ready I will close the workshop, put some nice music on, take my magic stuff, and do what I really like in shoemaking: finishing.


One thought on “Around the workshop

  1. Hi, I’ve been checking out your videos and your blog. I must say I really admire your work. May I ask how much the ICON will cost?

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