My Second Christmas

I win a bid in ebay recently. It wasn’t so easy, because there are some people who doesn’t want to give any chance to you for winning. They licit in the very last moment, so you practically get two mails in the same time: you have been outbid… the you lost. Sh*t. I don’t understand why ebay doesn’t extend the licit with a few minutes in this case like any other licit site? I don’t feel it fair.

This time I take my maximum bid for the first time. I was calm: no one else bidded on those items… then in the last 2 minutes one of these “Ilicitinthelastminute” guy started. 20 euro – 50.. still didn’t win… 70 euro… I am still in winner position (if you don’t take the fact that I lost 30 euro for nothing)… but he didn’t give up.. 70 euro…. then finally 72. Licit end. My licit was 80 – I bid this amount, because I really needed something from those tools.

Today I got the item, and I was very happy. Beautiful old tools came, and as I have just seen a few on the ebay photos, I was surprised how many thing I have. 




This last beauty maybe worth a word. It is for measuring the foot. In the 40’s stores sold handmade shoes, so they didn’t want customers to try on so many, because of sensitive leather soles. They used this stuff to measuring customers’ foot to give him the right one. This tool is produced today also, but better not to talk about it. This one is perfect. Without 3D CAD design program.



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