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Well I could use this title a lot, but I didn’t until now. The explanation is simple: I didn’t intend to make step-by-step photos from the beginning to the end about any of my creation. Now I have an order for a pair of a very simple shoe – 5 eyelets brown open laced shoe.


Simplicity is something to express your creativity, without any redundant decoration, any nice details wich can draw away attention from the pure form and professional work. In this cases just a few millimeter can make huge differences. No one can really explain why – one is ugly – or: old fashioned – the other, very simple is just beautiful.

So, now let’s see how the bespoke shoemaker work’s starts!

We have to make a pattern first. I would love to say that I ever made a perfect pattern first, but this isn’t tha case – I always have to change a bit here and there, or totally redone from the beginning.


 The cut the pattern from cheap leathers to check what I was talking about – looks good, or not? Fits well the last? The shapes are nice or just look average?


Pullover – this is the name for this half pair we make to check these thing, don’t have to be so nice, just exact. I don’t let my upper maker do pullovers (I like to make uppers too 🙂 ), and I can see the problems, can change, etc. inetersting and important job.


Then it goes to the last. This piece has been made from crust, so I could try a new material for an idea.



Yes – painting the lasted upper. This is only one colour, but it can be made with even two,making nice shades.


I can see a lot of things to change. :)(not the open laces – my customer wanted to have like this). Anyway – this is normal. I guess I will make some pullover until the ready made product.

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