Rebirth of an old boot

I got an order, approx a year ago to reproduce an old Swedish boot. The job was interesting, not because I didn’t have any space for creativity (what is actually not what you call “interesting”), but concur with old masters – that is something. They were so precise. Sometimes when I take their work in my hand I just can’t imagine how they did so exact work, sharp lines without machines.

This is the original:



Not what you can see in new style magazines, don’t you? 🙂

The technology wasn’t a question: with this thin welt, it can be only pegged. Actually – most probably there is no welt on it.. never mind. This is one detail, what I had to change – my customer wanted to have double sole and English stitch. I could understand it: he didn’t want to put int a showcase, but selling it. So we changed a few details. Finding out the what leather they used, was more interesting. I would say the darker was waxed one, to keep out the water, the upper part is reindeer. I had some waxed leather, but no reindeer. No problem, a similar will be perfect. The toe stitching is a bit more interesting – that is not just a folded edge on an other one. Pattern-making was also a challange, but finally we could solve it, here is the result:




I used traditional German-style nail decoration on the sole – who knows, maybe Swedish makers did the same? As far as I know, the German shoemaker’s school influence is strong there, so why not?

It wasn’t that easy, than make even a very sophisticated oxford. Respect to the old masters.

I made this boot cooperated with my great friend and collague: Janne Melkersson, Sweden.

This is his website. Nice person and very good shoe (and boot-) maker

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