Year of the Bull 2.

It is almost ready… These are the main steps of designing a shoe – in this case the “Year of the Bull” – my new limited serie. As it it only the prepateration part, I don’t know yet:

– how many I intend to produce,

– which style I will choose for the sole finish,

– which technology I choose for the sole… thats why I love shoemaking! 🙂


Do you recognise the adlaide-style bull-head symbol?  I never wanted to “express myself” with shoes, but in this case I just love it.


Next step: stitching around the embossed lines. Frankly: I was hesitating a lot about it, then finally I asked a few people. This version won. 


Here is the half-ready upper. Small step for me, big step for the cmera.. 🙂 Sorry, I should have make more pictures, but.. I forgot. Sorry.


Same phase, different angle.


Stitching the lining. I chose a super soft beige lining. This is actually what I will use for my RTW serie too. I am crazy about the quality – this is one reason, why I do this upper now. I try to be very precise with skiving – A shoe look ugly if you can see the lining pattern through the upper leather.


Last – chosing is my other favourite. This is a brand new model: assymetric (which means in my vocabulary: symmetric uppers look assymetric on it), and anatomically exact on the balls:




And the lasted shoe..




to be continued…

4 thoughts on “Year of the Bull 2.

    1. well, thatswhy I call it blog and not handbook. 🙂 Actually I don’t know what you mean.. that is a single piece of leather, what is the problem?

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