7th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress!

I recognised that some visits come from a “dashboard” without Internet link, so I checked the my personalised Dashoard here, and what did I see?

This is the 7th fastest growing blog on wordpress!

Thank you guys!



7 thoughts on “7th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress!

  1. keep it up marcel! your enthusiasm for shoes shows through your blog and work. hopefully i’ll be able to commission a pair from you someday 🙂

  2. wow! and i was here in the beginning! just love seeing how you make shoes and the attention to detail. your passion is so refreshing in a world of machine made, mass marketed crap!!!

    shoes have been a lifelong obsession for me but not because i am into fancy high heels…i have flat feet and have struggled to find comfortable shoes.

    would you consider trading a pair of shoes for a lovely stained glass panel of your choice???

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