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Two new pairs from Koronya Workshop.


The front one – yes, this is THE SHOE. BUDAPESTER. Timeless beauty, maybe a bit heavy for a few taste, but no doubt, that comfortable. The one on the background is the second pair of my RTW collection. A simple black wholecut, with high gloss finish, simple sole, bevelled waist. Maybe I will leave the medallion from the toe, and change the shape a bit.

And let’s talk a bit more about the Budapester. That’s why we call it gunboat form:


If you ever consider to start shoemaking studies – do not start with this last form, or at least with a soft leather. French calf and this toe, can cause a really hard hour to last… if you don’t want to accept the creases, which will appear surely.


My opinion: it is a must in a gentleman wardrobe.

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