Fusion shoemaking

When I started to learn shoemaking – around 23 years ago – I was so curious how a flat leather turns to a nice shaped beauty. You knwo what I mean, if you ever see a magic trick, and you thought: if you would learn the trick – you get some real magic, because that is not possible any other way. So I felt like this – I was sure that there is some trick behind it. I learned the basic technologies, and this astonishment last – I still hungry for new tricks, methods, materials, sewing machines, tools…

A few years ago I decided that I must learn English style shoemaking. Not because there are huge differences between English and German school. Actually this is one: English stitch. I have never seen it from English makers, maybe US based boot makers make something similar, but not with this small stitches. Isn’t it intestesting that it is called English stitch and German school tought this? 🙂 Never mind. I made two close ups from this shoe – I didn’t ask persmission from its owner to publicate the whole shoe, so I just post these close-ups. I would say – stealing from kitchen terminology – it is a “fusion technique”. Germen style “English stitch”, also German style stithing channel (US maker use this too – which clearly proofs German influence in the craft there), bevelled waist – very English, and fiddleback – also.    




2 thoughts on “Fusion shoemaking

  1. Hello, i was wondering if i sent you a picture of a certain style shoe if you could let me know if you can and will do make them. It is a pointy toe lsce up oxford with a 2″ cuban heel. yes a sixties /style shoe. Thanks. Tom

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