Students in the workshop

When I started making shoes, I never realised that one day someone will consider to learn from me. I am also a student, learning everyday something new about shoes, still curious like a child about leathers, chemicals, techniques… On the other hand, I am one of the last “mohicans”. One of the very less people, who still know how to make REAL* shoes by hand – teaching is a duty for me. I heard from a western shoemaker that he knows something like 2-3 technologies for making bespoke shoes – thanks to the Hungarian traditions, I know more than 10. I shouldn’t keep this knowledge for myself.

So I accepted some student into my workshop to get deep into this craft and to pu fire under their ass, if they don’t go deep enough :). Kieran and Ana arrived from America – the States and Brasil – to learn shoemaking. Kieran had some experience before, Ana nothing, but both of them are eager to learn and I must say talented. They are more and more over the basics stuff – using the tools, making the first “something-like-a-shoe” projects, practising how to last, how to using the pegging awl, some stitching, skiving. Now we focus on the more accurate work (and wearing the protective eqipments 🙂 ).

Here they are.





* I checked some shoemaking school around the world yesterday. I must say som of them just separates the student from money – for nothing, teaching on-sense, non-practical techniques, what we – shoesmakers never used and will never use. Those are not good for practice, not good for anything, just mislead students about this craft. Not every object is shoe, what you can wear on your foot…

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