I believe I shared many times this information: I am tool-addicted. If I can buy a bunch of old shoemaker tools – that is a Xmas for me. And stays for weeks, until I clean them try to find out some of them what they are good for. They sources start to disappear for it, so I decided to search for a good maker and ask him to make some.  

Here is the nice collection. The steel he made really exceeds my expectations: 56 rockwell. If you don’t know what it means: very hard, so keeps the edge for a long time. You can skive, cut or whatever you want to do with this knives, if you would work with melted butter. The shapes are the exact copies of some old knives, made in 1939, Sweden. Perfect form, very well shaped and ergonomical edge. I used the Hungarian style straight edge before these, but when I got the first knife like this from ebay, I changed immediately. Skiving (I don’t like that before them) is just fun.


The signed ones are the new, the others are the old stuff.



Channel knives and feather knives. The ones with the light handles are the new. 




Complete price list comes soon.

6 thoughts on “toolstoolstools

  1. Hello Marcel from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I would like to buy a channel knife and a feather knife. It appears that some are curved and some are not; I would prefer not curved. I make the total to be $95.50 USD, but perhaps you could tell me what the shipping costs might be. Thank you very much. Ron MacIntyre

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