New tools and a new wholecut

This is my last post from Hungary for a while, as I am leaving soon to the States (NY) to teach people to my lovely craft.

I just got ready some new tools from my tool maker, who works a lot for my. He makes perfect replicas of my old, sophisticated tools, what I intend to share with the shoemaker community. Photos comes very soon, and I hope soonly I can make a deluxe collection, a complete KIT for shoemakers with 30-35 tools, covering all the technologies. You will hear about it, I promise.


A new pair of wholecut.

I post this shoe, because some small, lovely detail. Red fiddleback + red felt around the tongue. Style. ..and metal toe plate, which is just practical, as the open laces, what he alse asked for. He got it and loves it. 



Heading NY

But before that will happen some new creations.


I think I will create an RTW from this. This shoes went to a woman (she fell in love with Budapest style, and she lives here, ordered this pair from me).


And this goes to the States.

New projects

As you probably know I have students for a couple of weeks in my workshop. Ana designed and work on a sandal (here is my copy on the picture). Nice sexy brazilian design, isn’t it? 🙂 From a brazilian designer and maker: Ana Louise Moreira de Santana. You will surely hear about her.




There are a few parts to work on: maybe the platform is not so much needed, and some higher heel would be also appropriate. But not bad from a beginner I must say. Staying simple is always difficult.

And this is my other colleague and friend, Craig, working in the last minute before we leave the workshop, making his first goiser stitched shoe with the backpack on his back. 


Last for the elves

Have you ever consider how those small guys work with the huge piece of wood in the bedtime story? 🙂 No way.. So I needed to make them one. Here it is:


The right one is for customers – you, the left one for the small guys (50%, but very exact copy of the big one – I worked almost 2 days with it by hand).. and also for you. I plan to make some nice collectibiles for it: masterpieces of the great Hungarian shoemaking history. The miniature masterpieces traditionally made by the old masters at the end of the journey – 50 years after the master exam. I plan to make EXACT copies of real shoes – just like the real one, but small. 

Some other pictures:





We made this photo just before Kieran left. It made me think: when a group breaks by leaving a member, most probably it will never be the same, never come together again, like that. I hope that once we can meet again, but will very unlikely happen with all the people on this picture.  From left: Kieran, (USA), Ana (Brasil), Zsuzsa (Hungary) and Marcell (also Hungary), and Craig (USA).

Visiting Szentende

My apprentices in Szentendre, the small beautiful village, close to Budapest, where we visited today. This tour can count as a “saionara party” for Kieran, who leaves in 3 days. Ha could finish some really nice shoes, but mainly picked up very useful knowledge about handmade shoemaking. I really hope I could help him to became a good shoemaker.


And Ana.. we start to focus on high heels and other women shoes. It is her first English stitched shoe. The quality still leaves many things to improve, but the style lines are clean and nice. Kieran is commited to make perfect shoes (sharp your knife! 🙂 ) She has has good sense for style.

Here is the masterpiece, classic Budapest model on a Brazilian girl:


Saturday in the workshop

We spent some time in the weekend in the workshop, because Kieran very soon leaves and he still need to finish a pair of English stitched shoe. Before we went to there, I brought the guys (Ana, Kieran and Craig) to the Ecseri market to look for shoemaking accessories and tools. You can easily get original Raffaello’s, machine guns or whatever you need – even shoemaking tools. We found some for Craig, but I wouldn’t say that there was a huge supply of them.

We went back to the workshop and continue working. Kieran progress well with the welting, Craig finished the spinning stitch welt, and Ana is also close to finish her first Budapest style shoe..  I can hardly wait to see their creations ready!