New projects

As you probably know I have students for a couple of weeks in my workshop. Ana designed and work on a sandal (here is my copy on the picture). Nice sexy brazilian design, isn’t it? 🙂 From a brazilian designer and maker: Ana Louise Moreira de Santana. You will surely hear about her.




There are a few parts to work on: maybe the platform is not so much needed, and some higher heel would be also appropriate. But not bad from a beginner I must say. Staying simple is always difficult.

And this is my other colleague and friend, Craig, working in the last minute before we leave the workshop, making his first goiser stitched shoe with the backpack on his back. 


2 thoughts on “New projects

  1. Is Ana Louise making bespoke women’s shoes for you or is this part of her training? My wife is looking for some shoes with a small platform and a high heel. If you do make them what do they cost?

    1. Well, Ana is a beginner, but progressing good. I think if you want to order your shoes from her, you have to wait a bit, but maybe we can make some cooperation with her, hmm?

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