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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

This is my last post from Hungary for a while, as I am leaving soon to the States (NY) to teach people to my lovely craft.

I just got ready some new tools from my tool maker, who works a lot for my. He makes perfect replicas of my old, sophisticated tools, what I intend to share with the shoemaker community. Photos comes very soon, and I hope soonly I can make a deluxe collection, a complete KIT for shoemakers with 30-35 tools, covering all the technologies. You will hear about it, I promise.


A new pair of wholecut.

I post this shoe, because some small, lovely detail. Red fiddleback + red felt around the tongue. Style. ..and metal toe plate, which is just practical, as the open laces, what he alse asked for. He got it and loves it. 



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