High Heel Courses – news

So most probably the latest change before the course. 

First course – starts one day before I indicated. The actual date:

16-17-18 August 2009

Second course (application will be accepted only if the first course is fulfilled)

19-20-21 August 2009.


At the moment this is all, soon more details will come about the design, materials, lasts. So, only interesting stuff. 🙂 Stay tuned!

Updates on the High Heel Course

So here are some more details.

Price: 895 USD for the 3 days course. I still didn’t accept any application (applications from June 1st – just to give enough time to everyone, because the participants number are limited to 9/course).

Also a new information, that not just pumps are available, but you can also make high heel sandals (which is so much different technology). Actually sandals give some more chance to make them individual.

I will keep you informed.


More info in my previous post

2nd Course end


These great people are my second course in New York. We made an English welted construction – and everyone could finish, which is really something to appriciate. 3 people – 3 different finish on the sole. I think one day – when I have enough former student, I will hold a course just about finishing and different sole and heel shapes.

New York – Course I. pictures

These are some nice photos  – thanks to Annie – from the first course. Enjoy! (I will post more soon)


People at work.


“it will be really a pair of shoe?”


John. American hand – Italian spirit. 











Natalie, working on her finishing.


And a few hours about pattern design.


And the ready pattern – taped together to check.


Fortunately it fits! (we didn’t aim to make bespoke shoes, but some of the students could really wear them. .. I would never wear my first pair. 🙂 )

High Heel Shoe Making Course in New York

Yes, finally we have a chance to keep this course too.

My idea: ALL student at the end of this course will be able to create a high heel, without any machine. I let some space for your creativity at the beginning, making your high heel perfectly individual. We don’t make two same pair! And yes! Absolutely possibile to women too, not just strong men!



17-19 August, 2009, and

20-22 August, 2009



– high heel shoe construction and design (or to be precise: design, design, design…)

– foot anatomy and shoe fitting, making personalised last

– patern making and clicking

– creating a high heel

 Applications: from 1st of June. Only 9 students per course.

Next Shoe Making Course

Shoe Making Course in New York, 2009 August

Completing a very succesful shoe making course in May, we decided to continue teaching.

 – Anatomy of the Foot & Ankle
–  Foot Shapes & Sizes
–  Anatomy of a Shoe
–  Measurement Techniques
– Tool Selection
– Last Making and Modification
– Patternmaking
– Lasting Techniques
– Cemented Shoe Construction

Learn a new profession or simply improve your current shoe making skills.  ABC & BOC Continuing Education Unit Credits (CEU’s).

Feedbacks from the first course

We asked the students to evaluate the course at the end, here are the result (sorry if it seems that I am not humble enough – this time I was more proud that humble):




“Excellent. Perfect mix of explanation & demonstration..”

“Only wish it were longer”

“Masterful, Proud to the part of a privileged few that have studied with Marcell”

“Marcell is a treasure, and his information is first rate.”

“Marcell’s demos were wonderful”

“it was a unique opportunity to learn from a master. I would recommend it to anyone to crazy enough to want to do this”

“For the firtst hands on course it was perfect”

“Very good, interesting, learned a lot”

“The lectures were pretty well done”