High Heel Pictures I.

I work on preparing the High Heel courses every day, so now I can show some result. The lasts are arrived… SEXY.. Isn’t it? Real high heel designed just for this course… And one model from the many you can choose… Cherry coloured patent leather. When I saw this leather in the shop I couldn’t… Read More

No course. Courses!

I have a great news: due to the big interest to my other courses, I will keep 2 extra course in August in NYC. High heel will be kept, but an additional “pattern making” and “basic and advanced shoemaking” course will be held. Details are coming soon.

In the workshop

So finally the photos from friday and today – soonly this will be actual 🙂 A python printed balerina. Nothing special. Making woman shoes is fun and easy. I should stop before I get used to it. 🙂 Cherry coloured buffalo leather shoes prepared to welting. (tutorial comes soon about “how to make a perfect… Read More

A new sneak peak

This week was (and still) very busy. New orders (I feel shame, when I introduce the long waiting list to the new customers – but hopefully they feel reasonable to wait for a pair of Koronya shoes this much. Thanks God!) Something really amazing happened – I spent some time with my grandma – I… Read More