Making a Balerina

I got a beautiful young lady in my workshop not so long time ago (before I left to NYC) ordering a balerina. This is the process – the first steps at least.


The insole will be covered by leather. Just design.


I can tell you: not so easy to attach this wide leather without huge wrinkles.


Insole attached.


Using my brand new lasting plier – a present from my great friend: Itamar.


And lasted! I can hardly keep this small last in my big hands.. 🙂


No more nails, only glue.



And ready for soling.I am not satisfied with some details actually.. but that never happens. 😦

12 thoughts on “Making a Balerina

  1. Those are attractive little shoes!

    Do you hold the last on your lap, even when you are putting the nails in while lasting? Or do you put it on a lasting stand?

  2. Prompt please, you, used a leather back in this model?

    lasting by the same principle as well as man’s footwear?

  3. Notches in the beginning of a crest for the help centering the upper on last?

    you speak russian?

    1. I learned russian for many years.. but as I was forced to do it, I didn’t learn anything. Sorry for that. Why?

      And: yes. Notches are helping and showing the inside, the size sometimes…

  4. Marcell,
    Will you be teaching this lasting method in the High Heel course? If so, then I believe I’d better gather my courage and sign up!!

    1. Well, this is the lasting method I use. Unless I develop a new one, I will teach this.. 🙂

      Please come! I promise you will make a beautiful high heel! Do not hesitate: do you think the others are much better? (no – they just come)

  5. I’ll see you in August then, Marcell! Can I make shoes like DW’s heeled oxford for Randee? Those are really my sort of shoes!

  6. I with pleasure would register in courses, but I have no such possibility at present. So it is necessary studies most and to ask acquaintances shoemakers. Marcell, prompt please where it is possible to find the literature in the Internet under “the know-how” bespoke shoes, if it does not complicate you.

  7. Hello Marcell,

    Can you tell me what the tool is located in the upper right of the image “No more nails, only glue”?

    I purchased a small set of tools off Ebay and in the set was something similar to the tool in your picture. I cannot guess it’s purpose.

    I would love to attend your seminar in August but unfortunately, the dates conflict with another seminar I’ve signed up for… my first training.

    Regards, from Arizona,

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