Balerina 2. – the finish… and a student in the workshop

The balerina shoes


Here are some pictures about the ready made product. 

Well, maybe this is not a traditional heel for a balerina shoe, but her doctor suggested this heel height, so I did something else too, which is not so usual: put a metal shank iron into it. Not just nice – healthy, and just a few grams more.


This picture shows why I attached that blue stripe all around the insole – a small hidden detail, but gives some extra beauty. no?


Ready to wear (luckily fit well).



and the student…


This time I have only one student from Finnland. He work hard, on this photo he is skiving a heel counter.


His mosaic*:



Not bad, isn’t it?



*mosaic is a typical first task for students in the old Hungarian (maybe in others too, I don’t know) shoemaker workshops. With old lasts, useless small pieces of leather  (leather was very-very precisious in the old times) they could practice their skill, to be able to touch real, expensive materials. Sometimes the heel layers were made like this. If the shoemaker made a good job – nobody could tell, that the layers haven’t been made from one piece.

Old times passed, we buy easily big pieces of good leathers, but this historic job stayed in my workshop.

2 thoughts on “Balerina 2. – the finish… and a student in the workshop

  1. WOW! I’ve been trying to visualize the mosaic since you told me about it. That is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

    The extra touch on the insole is lovely – very feminine.

  2. This is an entire insole made of mosaic? May I ask how the pieces have been joined together? They do not overlap, from the look of it, so how does it work?

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