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A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

As I informed the audience – due to the huge interest, there will be more course.



High Heel Course

Date: August 16th-18th.

Registration end: July 1st. 10 am.


Pattern Making Course:

A 3 – Day intensive Patternmaking and Design Course, Each student will produce 2 – 3 patterns. Bespoke uppers will be orderable at the conclusion of the course.

Date: August 19th – 21st

Registration starts: June 15th

Price: $1095.00 USD


1.      The Rules of Design

2.      Footwear Categories

3.    The History of Footwear

3.      Turning Concepts into Designs

4.      Designing Directly on the Last

5.      Patternmaking

6.      Prototyping



Men Shoe Making Courses:

Date: August 24th -28th

Registration starts: June 15th

Price per course: Level 1: $1495.00 USD, Level 2: $1795.00 USD


1.        Anatomy of the Foot & Ankle* (Level 1)

2.        History of Footwear* (Level 1)

3.        Foot Shapes & Sizes* (Level 1)

4.        Anatomy of a Shoe

5.        Measurement of the Foot

6.        Last Modification

7.        Traditional Shoemaking Techniques

8.        Different shoemaking techniques: cemented* and welted shoes** (Level 1 – Cemented, Level 2 – Hand Welted)

9.        Goyser Stitching** (Level 2)



Cancellation & Late registration fees are as follows:

You can receive a full refund less a $300.00 processing fee if we receive written notice at least 30 days prior to the course start date. Refunds cannot be issued for cancellations less than 30 days prior to course start date. Registration less than 14 days prior to course start date will be charged a 10% late fee.


Course Tools: Complete course tool packages are recommended and are available for purchase prior to the course.


High Heel Shoemaking Tool package: $395.00.

Patternmaking Tool Package: $275.00

Level 1 & Level 2 Shoemaking Tool Package: $595.00


Should you need only some of these tools, please let us know in advance.

If you are attending more than one course, please advise us and we will combine the tool packages in order to avoid duplicates, as well as to save money.

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