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Monthly Archives: July 2009

This is my young nephew, spending his vacation in my workshop, making his first pair of shoes.. He wanted to have a cowboy shoe, so beside the work he does in the shop, I let him make it. Still far from finish, but to a good direction. He works in Koronya workshop, so the demands are high: everything must be entirely handmade, and only the best quality is good enough, even if these are just his own shoes.



The Course date is closer and closer and certainly there are some progress here. All the uppers are ready, and all the materials are ready to send. Let the pictures talk!

uppers – waiting to the big trip and getting made to beautiful, sexy pumps.

insoles and heel counters. Woman high heel needs special materials – we have them.

Sole is also important – I just love this colour.

Red handle clicking knives – most probably the whole stock from my country. For a few weeks nobody can get them here.

Long, rounded sharpening stones. Unbelievable difficult to get them – you can believe me. I am searching them for month. Finally they are here.


the beauty we will make! Are you ready?


9 cm high, (options for colour: red or black), super sexy. Hope you will like them. Not so easy to make them, but with some guidance, every student will learn it.

French Boxcalf belt medium

Well, yes. From now I offer belt for the shoes from the same materials – 100% percent leather (no, the buckle is not. Sorry), and with the same passion in making. This is the first piece, but soon some more will come, with some more changed details.

A small teaser to the High Heel Course.