Last day in New York

So, i finished 4 great courses here, then have some rest and now i am in Mariott’s frozen lobby (somehow Americans like to freeze rooms to 17 celsius, heating the streets with the heat they made with the aircondition), surfing in the net and writing a few more words.

I net great people again! They were eager to learn, wamt to pick up all the tricks and kills – unfortunately it was just 2 weeks. In the other hand I come back soon and I will definetly pay more attention to my certified students, with some special techniques and construction. Roughly the next courses:

High heel 1.
High heel 2.
Slipper and baby shoe making courses
Kid shoe making…. And…


I will post about it soon, now I to home and try to loose those unwanted extra kilos from the big breakfasts and steaks. 🙂

Finally a pair of shoe for myself

Not if I never made as for myself – a monk strap. I have choosen a “new Budapest” last model, French Boxcalf and a traditional upper model, single (JR) sole. I will bring them to New York this week.

And – finally (would you believe this about a bespoke maker?) I made a bespoke last for myself. I am not sure that I can make so many shoes for myself as my waiting list is quite long again.


Cognac wholecut beauty

I am in love with shoes. When I am ready with a bespoke order, I am always tempted to keep it, and let the customer wait (I never did I promise 🙂 ), but this time temptation was even stronger. This gentleman gave me a long, continuously expanding list about his demands, so I have to really concentrate to put everything in. On the other hand we can get better because of demands – so I am grateful to him!

Let’s see what this shoe has!

– wholecut from the strongest calf leather, no crimping (I don’t do that)
– dark cognac french boxcalf, with antiqued toe
– fiddleback with initials and a crown from brass nails (yes, on the fiddleback)
– bevelled waist
– semi trasparent finish (I just love it – it shows the leather layers and has some antique beauty. I wouldn’t paint an antiqued shoe with solid colour on the heel edge)
– JR leather for the hard stuff everywhere, except the insole (that is aso 12 month tanned, but from a different company)
– English sewn sole, hidden stitch at the shanks.







Around the shop

Many thing happens here – I can tell you, the shoemaker’s workshop is one of the most interesting place, except if your are not interested in footwear (is it possible?).

1. Zoltan’s cowboy shoes are ready.

DSC_0609 small

Crust leather, before finish

DSC_0610 small



The ready shoes and their proud maker (and owner)