Cognac wholecut beauty

I am in love with shoes. When I am ready with a bespoke order, I am always tempted to keep it, and let the customer wait (I never did I promise 🙂 ), but this time temptation was even stronger. This gentleman gave me a long, continuously expanding list about his demands, so I have to really concentrate to put everything in. On the other hand we can get better because of demands – so I am grateful to him!

Let’s see what this shoe has!

– wholecut from the strongest calf leather, no crimping (I don’t do that)
– dark cognac french boxcalf, with antiqued toe
– fiddleback with initials and a crown from brass nails (yes, on the fiddleback)
– bevelled waist
– semi trasparent finish (I just love it – it shows the leather layers and has some antique beauty. I wouldn’t paint an antiqued shoe with solid colour on the heel edge)
– JR leather for the hard stuff everywhere, except the insole (that is aso 12 month tanned, but from a different company)
– English sewn sole, hidden stitch at the shanks.







12 thoughts on “Cognac wholecut beauty

    1. Sure. I will keep a pattern making course in New York in August – that would be the best to learn. Wholecut pattern seems easy, but it is not – you can believe me.

  1. what thread You use for welt sewing?(More in detail, please or link). and What thickness at a welt in the lowered part? Explain please. Thank you. I beginner, live in Russia, I study on your videos. Very much it would be desirable will learn to do beautiful footwear.

    1. you can make that thread easily – I believe I show it in my videos. The raw material is specially made for shoemakers, what you can get in an accessories shop.

      I offer apprenticeship courses if you wish to learn form me. I think that would be better than videos..

  2. So, it’ll take me about 6 months to make something half as nice? I have my work cut out for me! But with your class, maybe 3 months? I’ll be content to make something most people will be able to recognize as a shoe. 😉 Just teasing! Super excited to start your workshops! See you in NYC.

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