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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

So, i finished 4 great courses here, then have some rest and now i am in Mariott’s frozen lobby (somehow Americans like to freeze rooms to 17 celsius, heating the streets with the heat they made with the aircondition), surfing in the net and writing a few more words.

I net great people again! They were eager to learn, wamt to pick up all the tricks and kills – unfortunately it was just 2 weeks. In the other hand I come back soon and I will definetly pay more attention to my certified students, with some special techniques and construction. Roughly the next courses:

High heel 1.
High heel 2.
Slipper and baby shoe making courses
Kid shoe making…. And…


I will post about it soon, now I to home and try to loose those unwanted extra kilos from the big breakfasts and steaks. 🙂

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