Workshop, September, 2009

Today we had a great and very busy day. I finished all the chairs for my October students. Us, shoemakers use special chairs. 40-45 cm tall, wide..etc, so it keeps your thigh perfectly paralel to the floor, so you can really make shoes “on your knees”.

Then we (Seiji and me) went back to the workshop and work, work. He is very close to finish his first welted shoes. I also moved forward with the seamless wholecut project. Not as difficult, as I’d thought. I will post some pictures soon.

And some photos, taken for a magazine last year. They only used one.

Seamless Wholecut – How it’s Made?

Sorry, I cannot explain every detail of making of this model, but I can show some interesting pictures about it. So the secrect revealed: there is no any part of the animal which forms a shoes – this was obvious, but there is a hard work and a few tricks which keep the leather in one piece and still save the right form.

I can tell: tearing the leather is just much-much easier than last it like this. More come soon.

Upcoming Course Schedule

Here is the list of the upcoming courses in November. I tried to complete a mix for those student who have never had any experience in shoe making and also for those who have already learned from me. I would really like to point your attention to the slipper making course. I cannot imagine better and more personal gift than a warm, comfortable handmade slipper! (and you can anytime make some other after the course from simple materials).

An other highlight of the course is the Design Course. This is a bit different than the fancy design school’s offer – not as they are not good – they are perfect. I had many students from those courses. This is different: practical and shows all the practical aspects of shoe design.

1.       Baby Shoemaking Course – November 2nd  – $595.00
2.       Kids Shoemaking Course – November 3rd, 4th and 5th – $1295.00
3.       Men’s Level 1 Shoemaking course – November 3rd, 4th & 5th – $1495.00
4.       Shoe Design Course – November 6th & 8th – $1495.00
5.       Cozy Slipper Making Course (Great Xmas or Hanukkah Gift) – November 9th – $595.00
6.       High Heel Shoemaking Level 1 – November 10th, 11th & 12th – $895.00
7.       High Heel Ankle Boot Making Course Level 2 – November 10th, 11th, & 12th – $1195.00

Complete course tool packages are recommended, and are available for purchase prior to the course.

Registration are opened from now!

Update about the November Courses

Important! The November Courses will be held at the first two weeks of November. If you wish to come, make sure you register in time, so you will have your place.

Registering will start at 10 am, 20th of September.

And a small appetizer to the Kid Shoe Course:


comfortable shoe with a toe-protector. Made for special demands. Sorry I cannot miss the smiley. 🙂


Yes, we will use ready made soles to the kid’s last. Why? Easy to explain: can you imagine an 8 years old guy to take a shoe with a leather or a dress style sole + heel? You see.. 🙂

Stillshots from a workshop

Many things happened here..

A new apprentice arrived. I still enjoy this teachings – I meet new and very interesting people. I can teach them, looking them learning, making the first steps on the long way of studying this ancient craft, and surprisingly learning from them. What? Many things. I was lucky with my apprentices – they were fantastic people. Some of them gave very useful advices in business, maybe marketing or just drawing my attention to a useful website, and which is the most interesting: I can improve when I teach them. Now I know what will be the next mistake what they make (for sure I let them make some mistakes – that is the way to learn!), and I can prepare them for it. I also learnt  what they can finish in 3 days, one week, 2 weeks and one month.. etc. Soon I will have 3 +1 (that is you Craig – you will be my assistant teacher! 🙂 ) guys around me in October, so I can hardly wait for that.

(Maybe next year due to the many work I have I will stop teaching apprentices for a while and only teach in courses. I got more and more invitations every month which is really cool, just takes time..)

2. I struggle to finish my orders. No way to outsource! I can promise that. Using machines for stitching would be just easy (believe me – no one would recognise that – many maker do that), but cheating in the same time. There should be some workshop where you can get the real handmade quality – Koronya will be always one of them, I promise this.

Don’t these picture warm up our heart?


A hidden stitch at the shank area turns to be visible. Born of the beauty.


A JR sole prepared for toe metal.