Home, Sweet Home

Finally we are at home! After New York Budapest seem to be a nice, calm, big village, with beautiful panorama and old buildings. If this would be the only profit (I mean see my city with someone other’s eye), it would worth to travel.

New York is overwhelming. I think my student Matt said that – and he is right. Many (but thankfully mainly nice) people everywhere, HUGE city and unbelievable sizes from everything (especially from the food). Oh yes: don’t forget the aircondition, our enemy. Why I say this? I wouldn’t have be any problem with moderate aircondition – that makes a pleasant climate inside.. but c’mon! Why you cool down 40 C degree to 17??? That makes people sick! (Just like me). You walk on the street, having the impression that you just come out from a real hot pool, full wet (oh yes, the aircondition heat goes to the street, metro station, etc. – just in case you are not hot enough), then walk into a building – jump from Africa to the Nort Canada. Crazy. And unhealthy. The last day we could experience the way of managing the temperature in cars – the driver used heating (it was around 19-20 C degree), then after some driving on the sun (heated the car to 23 c) swithced on the aircondition. What? Never heard about “window”? Never mind. On the other hand America is full with interesting and nice people, which makes going there absolutely worthwile.

First Course – High Heel Shoe Making


I had 13 – mainly girls – student, and a construction, which was absolutely for professionals. I wanted to make sure that everyone makes the shoe ready – I tried everything. I brought extra uppers, with no lining, invented new methods to let them practice with the actual upper, and finally – they made!  EVERYBODY walked away with a nice, beautiful high heel. Unfortunately they didn’t leave too much time to decorate (anyway simple is nice, no?), but the fact that everybody could finish is amazing. Congratulation guys! Nice job!

Belva – you were our sunshine there! Don’t forget to laugh loud and maybe 15% is more than enough for the cab drivers 🙂 !

Second course – Pattern Making

Pattern-making. This what really made me afraid. Pattern-making is not simple. You must understand construction, upper sewing, how it is made.. etc. Not easy at all… Finally they produced some pattern, and what is more iportant: star to understand the basic line structure and my theories about the pattern designs.

Third Course – Men Shoe Course I. – II.

Well, this was fun. I almost felt that I could just call them sometimes and explain that actual day’s job and they could do – except sole cutting. 🙂 They were just good. They made me forget about the sponge-wet weather, the crazy city – I just felt tha we could start our own shoe business anytime together – as we were in that room. I hope you continue shoe making guys!





See you on the next courses!

More will come soon..

2 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. Hi Marcel,

    I’m so happy your courses were a successful. I love following your blog. I have a question. I’m a beginner shoemaker. I know a few things, but I would probably be much better with a teacher. Until I can afford to visit you in Budapest or hopefully you come to the West Coast, what do you think I should do? How do I practice? I have Tim Skyrme’s book, but I would like to do high heel shoemaking. I’m frustrated and would like to start. This is something I ‘ve always wanted to do. Thank you. Your advice is very much appreciated.


    1. Tracy – you should really consider to come to a course. NY or Budapest. You WON’T learn shoemaking from books, even if it is a very good one from my appreciated friend, Tim Skyrme.

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