Stillshots from a workshop

Many things happened here..

A new apprentice arrived. I still enjoy this teachings – I meet new and very interesting people. I can teach them, looking them learning, making the first steps on the long way of studying this ancient craft, and surprisingly learning from them. What? Many things. I was lucky with my apprentices – they were fantastic people. Some of them gave very useful advices in business, maybe marketing or just drawing my attention to a useful website, and which is the most interesting: I can improve when I teach them. Now I know what will be the next mistake what they make (for sure I let them make some mistakes – that is the way to learn!), and I can prepare them for it. I also learnt  what they can finish in 3 days, one week, 2 weeks and one month.. etc. Soon I will have 3 +1 (that is you Craig – you will be my assistant teacher! 🙂 ) guys around me in October, so I can hardly wait for that.

(Maybe next year due to the many work I have I will stop teaching apprentices for a while and only teach in courses. I got more and more invitations every month which is really cool, just takes time..)

2. I struggle to finish my orders. No way to outsource! I can promise that. Using machines for stitching would be just easy (believe me – no one would recognise that – many maker do that), but cheating in the same time. There should be some workshop where you can get the real handmade quality – Koronya will be always one of them, I promise this.

Don’t these picture warm up our heart?


A hidden stitch at the shank area turns to be visible. Born of the beauty.


A JR sole prepared for toe metal.

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