Update in 5 in 1

This is a courtesy picture from Craig Corvin, Seattle, explaining EVERYTHING.

If the Sole trimmer and sole cutter is a different function, then I can say there are some other new functions, such as: “heel toplift cutter”, “heel toplift trimmer”… etc. 🙂 Never mind. At the end of the day, I have only one.

112.345 in 1!


Nice work Dani!

As I put the bar quite high, his compliment is not said so often in my workshop. This time my apprentice Dani finished her shoes, and I couldn’t resist to tell her some compliments, since these being her first pair of shoes the result is really nice. I just gave her minimal help, and she made the pattern all by herself, as well as all the steps of the English welted construction.


(I am sure she is a spy from another workshop, and she is professional shoemaker actually)

Students of October


Cordwainers in my wokshop: Craig Corvin from Seattle, Andrew Diba from Canada, Seiji McCarthy from all over the world, but mainly USA, Dani Hart from London, UK and me at the front. October in Koronya workshop.

And brogue overload on my shelf.


(the second pair is technically a wholecut, thats why it has a backseam)

Happiness in the Workshop

1. What else a beautiful stiletto boot could generate than happiness? Here it is:


I design her (sic!) for my next course – those lucky ones who has chosen the High Heel II. will make a pair. Some more picture for appetizer. Anyway you still have 48 hours to register.


And the design process – first step, making the mean form. I can tell you something about it:

a.) Finding the appropriate and comfortable shape on the men last is difficult. Trust me on that – I make it every day. On the women’s boots you have to follow the shape for the leg too. Even bigger challenge.

b.) ..but which man wouldn’t want to work with a beautiful woman’s feet? 🙂


2. What else would a 7 eyelet, full brougue black oxford cause to a man’s soul other than happiness?

This is a very special pair of shoes. I cannot tell you the reason yet. That info will come exactly on 20th of November.



3. A nice picture of your student could also be source of happiness? (gloat? 🙂 )

Today Seiji learned the famous spinning stitch. He took the spinning literally. See these pics.



He wasn’t happy, that I made these pictures. But I was happy making them.