New Shoes, New Techniques

This post (what a surprise!) will be about pictures – more than text.

So, the first story – this is a bespoke order for a US based gentleman. He was very specific about all the details. I must tell you: I love these orders. It means that this person has demands, so I have a challenge. These photos show the making process. Very soon I will post the ones about the final shoes.

I have 4 students in my workshop at the moment. Here is one of them, whom I can call my friend: Craig Corvin. As he couldn’t spend too much time he asked me to show him something, what he can make in this short time. So, I have chosen to teach him a seamless wholecut. Here is he, with his new technique:



And something else: the blake stitch. Not the simple one, but the Bologna version. Extremely lightweight and flexibile, so it is OK for some type of shoes. More details soon..



And finally a new ready pair. I really consider that I will put it to the RTW line with some modifications. Looks adorable, doesn’t it?




Köszönöm a figyelmet, viszontlátásra!

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