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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

1. What else a beautiful stiletto boot could generate than happiness? Here it is:


I design her (sic!) for my next course – those lucky ones who has chosen the High Heel II. will make a pair. Some more picture for appetizer. Anyway you still have 48 hours to register.


And the design process – first step, making the mean form. I can tell you something about it:

a.) Finding the appropriate and comfortable shape on the men last is difficult. Trust me on that – I make it every day. On the women’s boots you have to follow the shape for the leg too. Even bigger challenge.

b.) ..but which man wouldn’t want to work with a beautiful woman’s feet? 🙂


2. What else would a 7 eyelet, full brougue black oxford cause to a man’s soul other than happiness?

This is a very special pair of shoes. I cannot tell you the reason yet. That info will come exactly on 20th of November.



3. A nice picture of your student could also be source of happiness? (gloat? 🙂 )

Today Seiji learned the famous spinning stitch. He took the spinning literally. See these pics.



He wasn’t happy, that I made these pictures. But I was happy making them.

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