Update in 5 in 1

This is a courtesy picture from Craig Corvin, Seattle, explaining EVERYTHING.

If the Sole trimmer and sole cutter is a different function, then I can say there are some other new functions, such as: “heel toplift cutter”, “heel toplift trimmer”… etc. 🙂 Never mind. At the end of the day, I have only one.

112.345 in 1!


7 thoughts on “Update in 5 in 1

  1. Marcell,
    I also understand that there is an attachment that will make strips of leather that goes into the long arm of the machine… as far as the ‘5 in 1’ is concerned…I don’t see the difference in the sole trimmer and the sole cutter. The welt roller however, is one of my absolute favorites.


      1. The problem with the knife is that it tends to grab and pull the leather inwards. If you trim an insole for example, it will often pull the insole into the machine— I’ve had to redo insoles because I accidentally cut below the feather line of the last.

        A trick that I’ve found is that the brass tip of the 5-1 will work as a useful guide around the last edge… also, if you tap the wet insole firmly enough (without damaging the featherline!) it will create a nice line that will also help to guide.

        I suspect you will continue to trim insoles with your knife—and I suspect that’s how you will have me do it in March— so I started practicing already on using the knife only.

  2. I think it is an additional attachment that can be added. I will ask my instructor tomorrow and see if I can dig up more info—though, I doubt you’ll have much use for cutting large straps of thick leather (holding shoes in your lap maybe?).


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