How I became a shoemaker?

This text has been copied from the thread what I started as a blog in 1 year ago. _______________________ This is a short story, but let me talk about first the Hungarian shoe industry. A few decades ago it was one of the most important industry. You could find shoemaker workshops, factories everywhere in… Read More

Cold Days, Warm Shoes

Here is an old customer’s order, and the first step of making a pair of shoes. Personally I thought that the upper pattern for a chukka boot seemed easy, but it is really not. There are plenty of small details, which can make your life miserable. You make a perfect pair, then you realize the the wind can easily blow in at the sides of the laces. Oh yes, it happened the first time (years ago) when I made a chukka for myself. Since then, I always make a pair for test from any new idea. (Which means: many shoes go into my own wardrobe. But someone has to get this job done too, no? 🙂 ). Read More