Comprehensive Toolkit for Beginner Shoemakers (updated with pics)

UPDATE! (7/02/2010): I soon set up a web shop as I could extend this collection. More comes soon.


Well, I got mails every week – minimum 1-2 that those uprising shoemaker collagues are searching for tools to start the craft. You can also search ebay to find the right ones, but I never seen a really good combination of tools, what would be good to start practicing this art. So I have put some of the most essential tools I always use while working into one kit. I think it is useful for everyone, whether you are working in this trade for only 1 month or 10 years.

The starting kit contains:

  1. 1 curved knife
  2. 1 straight knife
  3. 1 narrow skiving knife
  4. 1 rounded head hammer
  5. 1  feather knife
  6. 1 channel knife
  7. 1 edge cutter
  8. 1 awl
  9. 1 shoemaker’s rasp


Since you have been asking for prices, I think the easiest way is to post it here, after all. So the price of the toolkit is 620 USD (+delivery +applicable taxes).

All of the tools are hand forged, custom made and extremely sharp (yeeaah). Of course if you are lucky, you can get tools from your local supplier, but their price is not necessarily much cheaper and not to mention the quality issue of machine made tools.

So send me a mail if anyone is interested. I have only 2 kits on stock.

Contact me about the details:

8 thoughts on “Comprehensive Toolkit for Beginner Shoemakers (updated with pics)

  1. Greetings Marcell,

    I’m wondering, what the photograph DSC05341 ?
    A sharpening stone or something to polish edges

    Best wishes

  2. Wayne, in case Marcell is too busy to reply, Yes, that photo shows a sharpening stone. They work well, too.

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