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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

I write this post about a much moe interesting topic, than being a Master Shoemaker – being an apprentice.

I always get question from students: what they need? How should they prepare? Is there any previous experience needed? etc.. So let’s talk about it! What you don’t need?

  • EXPERIENCE. I prefer teach people without any previous experience, so don’t worry – you have better chance to learn shoe making with me, if you never had any other course. My demands are quite high – but easier to get close if you don’t bring any bad habits. It doesn’t mean that I don’t respect other masters’ ways, but I have my own ones.
  • TOOLS. You don’t need to bring any tools or materials – except if you want to share some info or just ask me something.
  • EGO. No, I am not talking about your ego. I am talking about your EGO. Please leave it at home,and be open to learn and humble to accept instructions. That is the easiest way to learn.

And what you will need:

  • ENTHUSIASM. If you really wan’t to learn, this is the first.
  • RESPECT. To your teacher, to the workshop, to the tools and machines and to the CRAFT. Respecting your tools seems to be starnge, but it isn’t – they are sharp, pointy and sometimes very-very old. You don’t want to break something, what is older than your grandparents don’t you? The CRAFT  – the methods I will teach you, are hundreds years old. They must be kept like they are: sophisticated, refined, effective. You wouldn’t accept a simplified Bach sonata, would you?
  • BRAIN. This is Europe, we don’t chew the food instead of you – sometimes you have to find solutions. Take it as a chance to learn this. You will face many problems at home, when you start making shoes (like my students usually do). I won’t be there to help you.

And mainly that’s it. I was honest about the details -appreciate it. Good luck for learning this beautiful craft!

ps. Actually I almost booked all the dates in the first helf year for students. Be quick if you want to come, or prepare yourself for a trip to NYC in April-May!

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