Happy New Year!

First: thanks for visiting my blog this year! It was nice to see the growing number of visitors. Here is a nice diagram – your present to me:

And second: I promise I will do a few things different this year. I try to post at least 2-3 times per week, post more pictures and post much more tutorials, even if I don’t believe in distance learning in my craft. Anyway, maybe it just means some eye candy, so why not. If I can educate people about the meaning of handmade shoes, compared to the factory made ones, why not?

And what else I will do in the next year?

I will focus more to students, not just with these tutorials, but making more courses in more location all around the world and US. I already got some invitation, and I have discussions in progress.

I will launch the RTW serie finally. I thought that I have to compete with factories with it, but I realised that I can’t, so I will follow my path. You will see. Soon.

I will release a book (almost ready) and videos. This time not just short, bad quality youtube ones, but HD DVDs.

So good luck for everybody for the next year!

Handmade Shoes for Everybody! 🙂

Comprehensive tutorial for the Cemented Construction

So this step by step shoemaking guide is my present for beginner shoemakers. Note: this won’t replace a master, so you can try to make a pair shoe, but you can achieve more success with proper instructions.

I put together these pictures from a video I made for students, so this is NOT the way I make shoes, but an easy to follow, handy method to make your first pair. Enjoy!


A shy girl, making a flat shoe. Every designer (like her) should learn at least the basics about the shoemaking, make some pairs with their cute hands, to understand better the construction and make more advanced design. You know what I think about it? Designers usually focus only the upper and the look of the rest. Details are left to the technology makers, which is a mistake – design should be one unit from selecting the materials to the finsihing.

The other baby – Adri in action. Making the other half of the pair.

Aimee almost finished her shoes. Final touches in progress. She worked hard to learn the English welted construction better. This shoe is made with the very original techniques. Not what you see in those youtube videos, but the ancient ones – pegged sole, heal stitch, etc. (I think I will have time to make a video about that process soon).

Cordovan looks better in one piece, isn’t it?

Shoe Making Courses. New York. Next Summer. Official

Yes, it is. Next course dates:

14-18 and 21-25 of June. Updates are coming soon, if you wish to be on the mailing list, please send me a message with a sentence, and I will keep you informed.

Most probably this time we keep a Men Shoe Course I and II. and a High Heel Course.

I really consider to keep a shoe design course also. Will you be interested in it?

Please leave your feedback! My mail: info (at) koronya.com