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If you have one woman around you, that can be happiness, family, love, whatever… If you have two, that can be anything, but not silence. Today I had six. two students from the USA, 3 designer students from Hungary and Erika, my upper maker. Noisy  – this word just doesn’t cover what happened there today, but we had some great moments. US students finished welting, everyone finished an almost perfect crimping (really!), and Melinda brought some paper beauties – see the previous post! – and the two young ladies made some really nice designs.

Adrienn warms up for stitching a riding boot upper with Erika’s help.

Beside paper design Melinda practice lasting. She made a good job.

Dora designed a low boot with the old angle-system, which is widely considered an Koleff’s method, but it is so much wrong – this is much older than him. The original system is invented by a German shoemaker called Robert Knöfel. He made great inventions in shoemaking’s (öfel).

Cute drawings at the side.

Believe or not – I also found some chance to work. Prepring to attach the German welt (hidden stitch) sole. Not so many shoemaker know this method. Maybe later I will post a tutorial.

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