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Hey I never thought that I will give this title to my post, but today, when I started to work on a pair and took out the toe puffs from the bag, I recognize something strange..  look at this:

And closer…

Still don’t see? OK, let me highlight it for you, dear reader.

But a I just don’t believe in ghosts and mysterious messages, I used that toe puff to a pair (I will post later), so these pictures are for preserving this message only.

And the most famous Hungarian designer in my workshop – yeees! rekavago!  waving her hand to my readers (and writing the Hungarian Xmas programs for Holly)

Dori is making her second crimping. Beautiful work from a beautiful girl.

And the result…

Unfortunately I couldn’t make so good pics about my latest creation, so sorry for that – but you will see it tomorrow.

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