A shy girl, making a flat shoe. Every designer (like her) should learn at least the basics about the shoemaking, make some pairs with their cute hands, to understand better the construction and make more advanced design. You know what I think about it? Designers usually focus only the upper and the look of the rest. Details are left to the technology makers, which is a mistake – design should be one unit from selecting the materials to the finsihing.

The other baby – Adri in action. Making the other half of the pair.

Aimee almost finished her shoes. Final touches in progress. She worked hard to learn the English welted construction better. This shoe is made with the very original techniques. Not what you see in those youtube videos, but the ancient ones – pegged sole, heal stitch, etc. (I think I will have time to make a video about that process soon).

Cordovan looks better in one piece, isn’t it?

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