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First: thanks for visiting my blog this year! It was nice to see the growing number of visitors. Here is a nice diagram – your present to me:

And second: I promise I will do a few things different this year. I try to post at least 2-3 times per week, post more pictures and post much more tutorials, even if I don’t believe in distance learning in my craft. Anyway, maybe it just means some eye candy, so why not. If I can educate people about the meaning of handmade shoes, compared to the factory made ones, why not?

And what else I will do in the next year?

I will focus more to students, not just with these tutorials, but making more courses in more location all around the world and US. I already got some invitation, and I have discussions in progress.

I will launch the RTW serie finally. I thought that I have to compete with factories with it, but I realised that I can’t, so I will follow my path. You will see. Soon.

I will release a book (almost ready) and videos. This time not just short, bad quality youtube ones, but HD DVDs.

So good luck for everybody for the next year!

Handmade Shoes for Everybody! 🙂

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