A Piece of History – a Grandmaster’s Masterpiece

These old shoes are not tsantsas – but they have some mistery around them. Traditionally a master was allowed to make them as a respect of his (sorry aspiring woman shoemakers, definitely his.. 🙂 ) work, showing that he is still able to make something perfect after that many years in the craft. So these small shoes must have been perfect in every sense. Design, craftmanship, everything in one little piece of shoe. If there were masterpieces, they are the grandmaster-pieces. So they are usually mean the Holy Grail for a shoemaker. I could temporaily put my hand on this masterpiece.

And the cherry on the pie (or whatever you say) – there were a piece of old newspaper in it. I fought myself if I should remove and open it, and finally I did. It was from 12th of July 1952 – the darkest time of communism in Hungary, and Eastern Europes, so the articles about the Korean war, the glorious communism, the ugly and devil US, and so on..

Shoemaking Tutorial – Norwegian III.

Here is the one-before-the-last photo serie. I wanted to post more, but either I forgot the card in the workshop or just forgot to make photos. So – appreciate this few! 🙂 Sorry. I promise if I ever make a book (in progress!) I will make a very detailed serie.

Actually… I plan to introduce an easy to make hand-stitched method in my NY course. Opinions are more than welcome.

Shoemaking Tutorial – Norwegian II.

Here we go. Let’s roll – Norwegian reloaded. So, dear reader – if you are a beginner shoemaker (most probably you are), please don’t start to consider to make this, except if you have mastered a lot of things, like: stitching, spinning stitch, lasting with extra distance from feather edge, etc..

So next steps… Enjoy!