Shoemaking Tutorial – Norwegian II.

Here we go. Let’s roll – Norwegian reloaded. So, dear reader – if you are a beginner shoemaker (most probably you are), please don’t start to consider to make this, except if you have mastered a lot of things, like: stitching, spinning stitch, lasting with extra distance from feather edge, etc..

So next steps… Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Shoemaking Tutorial – Norwegian II.

  1. Now, is it technically only a Norwegian stitch if you stitch the upper to the insole, then flare the insole and stitch down to outsole? I ask, because I am getting ready to do a spinning stitch from the upper to the insole—but I am using a welt…so therefore: not a Norwegian stitch because I am not stitching the top down, correct?

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