So how it works with the apprentices? I will be honest – I am a hard teacher. We become good friends after the course, but definitely not before or during. I keep important to “build them up” – make a personality who is able to get training to be a shoemaker. I have my methods… Read More

Wholecut Week

Wholecuts are my favorites – nothing redundant on these shoes. Pure, simple lines, honest, clear finish. On the other hand – there is no room for mistakes (not if I would accept any). Maybe.. one day.. I will have one. Norwegian. Understanding the process of this construction can explain, why makers charge more for it… Read More


Statistics was never my best subject, but as Youtube does it for me, why shouldn’t I post? This is not a surprise. I was sure that you guys in Alaska love shoes.. 😉 As I see spinning stitch didn’t generate so intensive interest.. 🙂 If a company’s income would grow like this.. I guess this… Read More


Busy but fun. I have students in my workshop every day, with amazing own projects. I don’t just tech them, but sometimes learn from them. Well.. maybe you don’t wait this sentence from me, but I consider myself humble enough to recognize talented people. So.. Let me introduce Kristiana Rada here! She spent two weeks… Read More